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    Waverunner III

    Hey new guy here looking for advise on a 96 Waverunner III Im thinking about buying. It looks like its in pretty nice shape and has the trailer. Anything I should look for when checking it out? any opinions on these skis good or bad? How much should I expect to pay for one in good shape?

    Thanks for any info

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    ok flame guns away guys( where did i here that before?) a waverunner 3 is the FINAL generation of the original wr.. it has a better pump and will prob. have a 701 twin.. it is now days considered an entry level ski .. meaning its not fast or can comfortably carry a passanger... 40's is what you could expect to run, thou group k has been doing alot with the old ski's like this and building the old girls into good work horses for family fun..( tube tugs and dependable single person rides faster than the original)

    ok, look for corrosion in the pump.. is the impeller streight? how is the bottom? (these are generally flat and as its an older ski may have some beach rash wear.) if a 701 you have the better motor and it is pretty much bullet proof ,thou the 650 would be ok too.. do a compresion test(IMSM,generally stock is about 130) also a difference of 10% may be a sign of a need for attention..check your fuel system for crap it, listen for bearing noises and vibrations. listen closely for any backfires which could possibly indicate reed issues ...

    bottom line..its a fun ski to tool around on , i wouldnt spend more than 1000 for a trailer and ski in running condition ,as you will be spending $$ to put it into top shape too.. as noted on other threads there are good deals to be had on newer ski's..

    your are getting this from a first generation WR fan so take it as you read it.

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    It does have the 701. The bottom looked very good. I dont know about the pump corrosion or the impeller ill have to look at it again. I belive the owner said the cranks been rebuild and a newer top end. I havent heard it run yet as the starters being rebuilt. When its back on ill check it out some more. $700 is the price.

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    for 700 its a good deal!, especially if the bottoms done and low hours on the top.. when you do get a battery, do yourself a favor and get a sealed gell if you plan on keeping it for a few years..

    fire it off, let her run on a hose till hot , say min 10 minutes while running check the motor for water leaks ( i dont expect any with a semi rebuilt motor but you never know....) keep us posted and we can help you if you need it..

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