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    WTB: 2004 GTX 185 pump

    Hey guys i need to get a 2004 GTX 185hp jet pump for a ski i am rebuilding please let me know what ya got.

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    do you want a stock pump, plastic, for a basic rebuild?
    or a aluminum pump for added longevity.
    plastic pumps are usually available for 1/2 what a aluminum pump is going for used.
    100-150 VS 250-300.

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    i got the ski for 1200 bucks and it needs a pump i am just fixing it and gonna sell it most likely or let the wife have it so cheap is fine.

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    i have a plastic pump off a 03 gtx the early modle 04 had the plastic pump the latter ones had the metal pump mine will fit the 04 if u want it shoot me a pm

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