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    Boynton Inlet Florida

    Is it safe to use this inlet on a RXT-X. This will be my first trip out to the Ocean.

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    Never been there but the ocean is lots of fun on a 2 seater and prob even better on a three seater so yeah go out and have some fun

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    Safety is as safety does!
    Riding in the ocean carries a risk, so you have to prepare.
    My wife and three kids are all certified open ocean divers, I take my family offshore every summer in our boat and I can tell you safety starts with YOU.
    The PWC is probably going to be fine, but if it breaks down the inlets here in Florida can sweep you way offshore very quickly (miles offshore), then it becomes a matter of your ability to contact other boaters or rescue.

    Year after year, PWC offshore operators make the stupid mistakes like:
    1. Riding alone
    2. Riding near dusk
    3. No cell phone
    4. No EPIRB beacon device
    5. No fresh water, etc. etc.

    Read this article, see how easily a day of fun turns nasty:

    Our own Shawn Alladio teaches safety courses everywhere,
    she knows about risk and can probably give you the best advice on the forum:

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    Enjoy your ride in the ocean...I'm stuck up in cold, snowy WI. I've been on the ocean only once with a friend back in '03 right off of Ft. Myers Beach and it was the best ride I've ever had. How I long for another trip there. We had dolphins right next to us. The warm breeze was amazing along with the scenery and salt water. I've got it rough. 22" of ice on Lake Winnebago and green water in the summer. Enjoy it, but heed YO's advice.

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    Just be careful, that inlet is nasty, especially when the tide is changing. It's pretty narrow, so the current rips through there...add fisherman throwing lines in front of you, rough seas & heavy boat traffic and it can be a little hairy if you're not used to the conditions. If it's rough, you might consider doing it alone first if you plan to have a passenger. One trick I use when it's rough is to get in the wake of a boat, close enough not to catch the ricochet from the seawall, but not too close. I live right near there, so if you're looking for someone to ride with drop me a pm.

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    my old stomping is a narrow channel......thats one thing that sucked about that inlet, the boaters would go through there wot alot

    this threads in the wrong section..oops

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    Quote Originally Posted by lcoach3042 View Post
    Is it safe to use this inlet on a RXT-X. This will be my first trip out to the Ocean.

    If its big outside you can bet its going to be nasty at the inlet. Watch out for the Geico Race Boats

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    That inlet is hairy but if you pay attention you'll be fine. Just stay on the gas at a steady pace if the surf is up outside the inlet. Head south as you go out and come back around if you want to head north. The boats do build up quite a head of steam to get through the in let so give them a wide berth.

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