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    How important is synthetic injection oil?

    Well, since I'm new to Jetskis, I might as well ask. For 2 stroke injection oil, how important is is to run synthetic oil instead of the standard mineral oil? I've been around 2 stroke ATV's since 1989, so I'm familiar with the engines. We used synthetic oil in them mainly because we rode in below zero temps. For a PWC used in 60+ degree weather, is synthetic necessary? Synthetic costs twice as much, and I'm wondering if the extra cost is justified? Thanks.

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    Yes. This engine makes serious HP percc, and it is required for longevity.

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    The synthetic oil also is used to help keep the rave valves from gumming up and sticking, causing the boat to run like shit.

    Hey Jeepinwi didn't you write this in another post?

    "Anyways, I just finished cleaning the RAVE valves, and that was a chore!"

    Buy the better oil!!!!

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