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    Diagnosing non-working infogauge on 01 gtx carb ski

    Need to figure out why my info gauge is not working. Just bought the ski and previous owner didn't know diddly mechanically. He told me it was working intermittently then eventually went out.
    It was originally a saltwater ski and is now waiting for the snow/ice to melt. I'm gonna start with fuse but from there I need some help. Does info gauge have power to it as soon as the lanyard is attached? Is this relatively common? I'd hate to splurge on an expensive replacement just to find it was something stupid. I've got a multi tester and just a little knowledge, any recommendations?

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    Pull the gauge and check the jack-plug connections. Since it was a saltwater ski the pins could easily be corroded. The gauges themself are pretty reliable. No, it's not very common for them to fail. And yes, it is supposed to energize when the lanyard is plugged in.

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    There is a purple wire coming off the guage check for power there,if no power u gotta mpem problem if it has power the gauge is bad,especially if it's a salt water ski it kills those gauges

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