Hi all
Another begging letter for advice
I have a 1991 VXR650 known as the MJ650TX in the UK I bought the ski off ebay with known jet pump problems, it turned out the engine was siezed as well which just about ready to put back together with a new top end.
I have been searching the UK for a replacement 144mm jet pump without much luck.

I have been reading the classifieds on greenhulk and noticed 144mm pumps for sale, one listed by gorrilla for a 701 shows a 144mm dia pump but the intermediate shaft looks longer than mine.

The question I have is which if any pumps will exchange for use with the VXR650 6M6 engine. I have picture of the original damaged pump but I cant seem to upload them.

Anyone know the cost of shipping a complete used pump to the UK

TIA Gary [email protected] and I could send some pictures