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    Question on Top End

    Just got my top end back and have a quick question. When re-installing the exhaust man the service manual says to put molykote 111 on the threads of the hex head bolts is there any thing else I can use instead of molykote?

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    I work in a machine shop and we have just started using a new form of anti-seize. It's white and I believe it is made with either porcelain or ceramic which will withstand very high heat. The conventional silver or copper anti-seize will dry up under high heat and become gummy or brittle. Often times from personal experience it will make bolts as tough as or worse than dry-seized bolts to remove. I have even seen the silver stuff liquefy and run out of the threaded hole doing nothing good for the bolt at all. This new stuff has been great so far. I will get the exact name of it for you by Monday if you are able to put the job off for a few days, unless someone else on here knows of what I'm talking about.

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    Rock 'N Roll ceramic anti-seize product from Walter Surface Technologies.

    This stuff?

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