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    Racing ultra 150 -- repair or part out?

    Hey guys -- would like you input please. I have a full race 99 Ultra 150 with heads, NOVI carbs, 2 good cylinders, modified jet pump, ride plate, modified stinger, steering system and much more. Spit one rod so I'm wondering if I sould repair of part it out? I have no intentions of keeping the ski so I'm wondering which way will make me the most $? Your input would be appreciated.

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    Did it bust up the cases? Are the cylinders stock or have they been decked or ported? What mods have been done to the pump. Is it a tripple pipe? It is probably close either way.

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    The cylinder have the spacers and not sure about the porting... No triple pipe. I think I sell the entire ski...

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    That could be a set of level 2 cylinders from skiworx or a speedworks I dont know all of the specifics about group k kits. It probably has flat top pistons in it. That limits your market to someone that has that motor setup but you would need to find out whitch it was. Is there a possibility of finding out.

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    I need to pull the motor down to get the specs -- I bought it with a blown motor

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    I bet you will be close in terms of $$ either way you go.

    A/M go well on ebay or classified sections. If you have parts available to convert it back to stock, might consider selling the A/M parts on the web then sell a running "stock" ski locally.

    Just something else to consider

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