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    looking for answers mostly about paint and hood/fairings removal

    Got an RXP got bored and started stripping down the hood and fairings so I could paint them. I got the hood off but how do you remove the black liner inside the hood? Also I noticed that the side upper fairings were riveted on fo do you remove them/re-install them?

    Also what is everyone using to paint the plastic with? What are they using to prep it before paint? I just know from trying to paint plastic in the past it has a tendency to flake. I want this to last and be somewhat durable against normal use. Any info would be great. Thanks.

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    Aside from the little screws that are visible. There are 4 10mm bolts under the air tubes. And the two tricky ones are two 5mm allen head bolts that are at the front of the nose inside the top storage container. if you remove the top tub and feel inside to the front you will see/feel the bolts.
    As far as the side pieces pieces go, you will need to drill out the rivets to get them off. You can then either order the proper long rivets, or buy SS bolts and nuts with washers to reinstall.
    As far as painting tips you can PM Icerat4 here on the forum for expert advice.

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