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    seadoo dies at WOT

    i was running my ski tonight on the hose, and when i would give it WOT the ski would go to it for a second or two and then it would bog down and want to die, then i would let off the gas and she would idle ok, but then i give it gas again half way to WOT and she would want to die...what could this mean? i just got this ski running, so im just trying to make it as reliable as possible. its a 03 seadoo gti le. thanks

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    Check the fuel pump pulse line for cracks or being loose.

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    is that right behind the carb? i thought it would be a dirty internal filter on the carb? or the carb in need of rebuilding. i'll check the fuel pu,p pulse line tmrw morning. thanks

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    i think carb in need of rebuilding or clean

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    Its is running out of gas, internal filters dirty I bet.

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    it was actually the external filter that was clogged, so i changed it and now its running good. thanks for the help guys, i think im also going to check the internal filter just incase

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    Remove the internal screen filters all together as the external one has mesh that is finer than the internal ones .

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    were did the dirt come from??? the 03 has black fuel lines so you need to check the tank for water or dirt. Water can grow stuff in warm climates.

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    1st make sure you do not still have the gray seadoo fuel lines. If you do the alcohol the todays fuels eats them up and clogs your fuel system. So that would need to be changed. Then clean out your remote fuel filter and go through your carbs and clean them completely especially the internal screens. And also while you are at it check the compression of your motor just to make sure it is not seizing up.

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    i just checked my compression yesterday and im getting 135psi in both front and back, its a seadoo 717 am i on the scale? engine runs nice, but shakes a bit when its at idle

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