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    Question Piston Kits This or That

    Hi everyone well spring is coming so best get going. I need to get my piston kit for my SL650 I found two kits one is the WSM Kit $259 65mm/Std. it includes All pistons, ring, wrist pins, C-clips and top end gaskets and top end bearings. The Wiseco Kit $276.30 65mm/Std. it includes all pistons, ring, wrist pins, C-clips, and top end gasket kit. Is one kit better than the other I'd appreciate the input thanks.

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    stick with the wsm for that motor IMHO
    or find a set of 750 cyl's and get pistons for them?
    are you sure you only need a stock bore and not an oversize?

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    here is a good e seller
    but I would do crank seals also if you haven't lately? so you may want to get a full gasket kit vs the top end kit

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    OK call me stupid but how do I know if I need over sized don't I just hon the jugs this what I have
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    Why are you buying a kit and not just the one bad piston?? What is the compression??

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    the size is determined by the amount of work the cylinders need to true them up' so even though the may look good they may need to be bored to get rid of any wear so to speak , you usually disassemble and measure them at various points or let you local machinist check them out ?
    I would really only put one piston in that also an run it ! I might have on here

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    Mite as well do them all so I'll have good comp. across the broad this Eng. needs new life.

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    I'd do the WSM kit for rec riding.

    To keep it cheap and still achieve good compression, get the 1 piston kit, and 2 sets of rings for the other 2 pistons. One piston kit is $72, cylinder bore $70, $40 for 2 sets of replacement rings, $40 for 2 cylinders honed, and gasket set $80. $300 total.

    Chances are that damaged piston caused cylinder damage and will need boring. If that's the case, you may want an entire piston kit to keep the slugs the same size.

    Now if you're going to do all 3 cylinders, might as well go with a 750. Here's why:

    Piston kit regardless of size is about $260.
    Cylinder boring is about $60-70 a cylinder.

    That's almost $500 to freshen up a 650, for around the same $$ you can bump up the size to 750.

    If you got any Q's shoot me a PM.

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    the WSM pistons we have seen lately, are actually suddco pistons. ( not too bad of a piston) good deal IMO.

    i can order them for you here, if you need. ( and save you some $$ off of retail).

    i also have 750 cyls, if you want to upsize. you need to also go through your fuel system completely. rebuild your carbs, replace ALL fuel lines, and fuel select sw. and upgrade to a triple outlet fuel pump.

    i think i have enough 780 cyls also, if you want to go even bigger!! you will need a new exh manifold, and i have those as well.

    we can machine cyls, to match new pistons too, if needed.

    get a good look at your head, and make sure it is not peppered. also, take a very hard look at your cank bearings on that end.

    send me an email, if i can help supply any parts you need, or can answer any questions.

    thanks. zig
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    if you go with the wiseco you will need them slightly board as they require more clearance. So keep it simple and go with the WSM.

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