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    Looking for head bolt

    I'm looking for a head bolt for my 1999 Yamaha XL1200 XLT. It's one of the shorter one about 1 1/2 inches (there are 6 all together on the head). It has a 12 mm head with a number 8 in the circle. I was hoping someone had one laying around and would be able to drop it in the mail to me? Thanks

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    take one of the other ones that match it and go to your local supply store. here we have a store that sells all kinds of fasteners. they will measure the threads and sell you the exact one you need, and you dont have to buy a pack of 20 at the store i go to, you can buy just one.

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    I have more information on the bolt I'm looking for:
    M8 X 1.25 thread
    1 7/16 inches in length(overall length of shank {smooth and threaded portion} under the captive by thread washer, ie washer doesn't just fall off, it's won't go past the threads without effort)
    Thread length is 1 inch
    Smooth shank is 7/16
    12 MM hex head with a number 8 in a circle on top of the hex head.
    Goes into holes marked 7,8,9,10,13,14 on the head.
    Hoping someone has one laying around.

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    got plenty laying around

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    got the bolt yesterday.

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