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    Any probs in putting all of this on at the same time?

    I know you should put one bit on at a time and test, but I really don't have the time.
    I have done the intake grate, pump plug, sponsons, ride plate an trim tabs.
    It's now set up as I like, and I have some baseline gps/tach numbers to work from.
    Next, I am going to fit the following, all at the same time:
    EFI controller, power filter.
    D-plate, freeflow and jetworks mod.
    3 degree key, and milled heads.
    Is there anything in the above list that should NOT be fitted at this stage?
    I would love to test each part individually, but as I said, time is against me.
    I know the ff might cost a few rpm's up top, but I am more interested in holeshot.
    After the above mods and dial in,I will speak to the prop gurus.
    Does this seem sensible, or should I go about it another way?

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    I'm ok with it, this way you can tune in the EFI controller with everything the way you're going to run it. The only problem is if it doesn't run right, you don't know where to start looking. That shouldn't be a big problem though as all of this is tried and true.

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    you should be fine.

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