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    FS: RIVA Aluminum Lightweight flywheel 1200 65u non pv

    Riva Lightweight Aluminum Charging Flywheel
    1200 cc 65U NON Power Valve (I don't know if it fits 1100 engine or other?)

    Will sell for $125.00 shipping included to United States.
    Paypal accepted

    It was sold to me with some scratches over the surface that covers the magnets, its cosmetic and has no functional issues...

    Removed it because I'm selling my ski


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    Shoot member krispaintballs a pm.

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    I did before posting here...
    But his ski has severely damaged his budget, hahaha!
    Thanks Woody!

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    that is a non charging wheel correct

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMANN View Post
    that is a non charging wheel correct
    It's a Charging wheel

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    does anyone know if this will fit a 1995 waveraider 1100 motor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris1200 View Post
    It's a Charging wheel
    Would it not have magnets if it was a charging wheel?

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    Yes it does have magnets. I have been using it before and it charges

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    Quote Originally Posted by burton9010 View Post
    does anyone know if this will fit a 1995 waveraider 1100 motor?
    It won't fit unless you match the timing bands. I would not do it. Imo.

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    i would like to scoop this up, im still weighting my options

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