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    Thinking of trading the r-12x in for an f-12x or f-15x...

    Hey guys,
    well i had alot of fun on the r-12x last year,but it wasn't very nice riding with my fiancee with alot of boat traffic in the river.It was fine with just me because i could standup to avoid the harshness of the ride,but not with me and her.Ive heard from people that the f-12x rides alot smoother when it comes to choppy water so im thinking of trading the 2seater in towards a 3seater.While im at it,im gonna see what my payments will be like on an f-15x,and if its not super expensive then im gonna spring for that instead.
    Ill keep you guys updated whichever way i decide to go!!

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    Charles, if you do allot of 2 up riding I would go for the 3 seater skis myself. I've found that if I'm feeling like romping and stomping that day I take out the 2 seater but if I'm just wanting to get out on the lake to ride and relax I take out my 3 seater. Good luck on getting the deal you want. That 15X on my dealers floor sure did look nice friday when I went by.....

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    ive been thinking about getting an F-12x my self as a second ski instead of another R-12x. It is quite tough with two people on it.

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    It's good to have one of both, The R12x is really a 1 seater and the F12x is a 2 seater. They both feel very different I've had both since Honda started making skis. I take the F12 out even if i'm riding 1 up for daily rides that's if I'm not wave jumping.

    The F12 has a lot more room for stuff (like anchors,drinks,food,gps,towels.etc)


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