I'm sending off an ECU to SeaDoo Centre for reprogramming. Just wanted some input before specifying all my specs. I've got the head work, and bottom end to run 9000+ RPM's but at what point do I loose any advantage, or power gained from this to decreased pump efficiency? Obviously this depends on prop design, so there is no Magic RPM. Of course I can always load it down, and run my target RPM, no matter what my redline. I would just get whatever the highest rpm they offer, just to be safe for growth. But prefer NOT to have my motor freewheel to 10.5+RPM when it unhooks!

So Help guys, what should I get? 8800? 9000? 9200? This is also assuming I have a cam that actually makes more power at 9000 than 8500 or whatever..

Thanks as always guys!