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    F-12x won't start

    My 02 F-12X won't kick over, it had only been sitting for about a week before i tried to start it today, the first time i tried it started right up and the warning light came on then it shut off. when I try to start it now i can hear the fuel pump turn on and the starter motor turning but can get it to fire.

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    How old are the plugs? Mine did the same thing this year and it was the plugs. They were the original and it is an 05.

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    the plugs are a month old and have about 5 hours on them

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    Did the FI light come on with the "warning" light? Were there any other dash notification lights on when the warning light came on? You may have tripped a code, and need to retrieve it. We'll need a little more in depth account of what happened. There may be an injector problem, or maybe even an ECU problem. There have been a couple of them replaced on the '02 models if I recall. Pull a plug out, ground the electrode, and start it up. See if you can see the spark jump. Do it to all the plugs, one at a time. You may want to unplug the injector connectors prior to this so it doesn't mistakingly start on you. The warning light will come on for a brief moment if you do try this with the injector connectors removed.

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    I did not see which warning message came up i only heard the warning, how do you pull the codes on this ski. The ecm was replaced last year could it have already gone bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by gk9891 View Post
    how do you pull the codes on this ski.
    By reading this in the Honda "How-to" section.


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    thanks, i will try to pull the code and report back

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