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    Buy Or Bass - 2006 Kawasaki STX-12F

    Hi All,

    Getting ready to get a first pwc. Tired of the overhead of an old boat. I found a 2006 Kawasaki 12F for 5500 with trailer and only 18hours. It is currently winterized and about 2 hours drive from me. If i were to have a mechanic check it out i would have to pay for rewinterization. I think its definately a good idea to get it running. I kitesurf the ocean in the winter so i have some thick wetsuits, 6/5 mm with integrated hood. A fellow kite buddy who has a kawasaki is willing to test drive it with me since i dont have much to compare to and dont know what to listen for.

    Regardless of everything checking out I still need to re-winterize the ski for the rest of the cold months/weeks ahead here in the north east.

    My question is...Is the ski a good deal at that price, or what price shoudl I try to get it for? Is it worth going through the process now or should I just wait till it gets warmer?

    Thanks all.

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    That's 500 more than I payed for my 04 12f with 52 hours on it. I's go for it IF the hull looks good and it runs good.


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    You could probably find a new one for for low to mid sixes.

    I know there are 08' STX-15F out there for $6600 or so.

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    I have an 07 stxf12 and its a great ride and plenty of mid power. Not as good a value as the 15f but... One word of caution: There have been numerous problems with the 06 and up f12's (they stopped making in 07) and I beleive it has something to do with ecu mapping and cam timing. Mine took a total dump with 18.5 hours on it and was out of warranty by 3 months. My dealer took care of it with Kawa and I paid zip for it to be fixed, and supposedly it shouldn't happen again with the fix. It would have cost me alot to have it fixed.
    In summary, if it has an extended warranty, get it. If it doesn't, beware. It is a good ride, handles well, and is exceptional on gas. I wouldn't pay any more than 5000, imho. Good luck, Rod.

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