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    Changing the read outs on the Display

    Ok I have a 97 and 98 1050 and would like to know if we have any programmers out there?

    I want to add some pressure and temperature sensor and have them displayed on the factory display. I might install some vibration probes on the drive shaft to detect bearing failure. Has anybody done that?

    The hour meter that is on the display can that be tampered with, ie if the previous owner had it unplugged would the computer keep track of the hours?

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    I cannot comment on the reprogramming, but I doubt it'll be possible.

    As for the hour meter, yeah, it can be fudged. It will not register if disconnected.

    Or it could be swapped out with a newer one...

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    or if its a 10 yr old watercraft and only has 40 hrs on it.It might be right,you would be suprised at how many 95-99 watercraft I get that actually have less than 50 hrs on them!!>Marvin

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