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    04 15F won't fire

    The ski cranks over and the gauges come on. I have no spark, and the fuel pump is not kicking on. I put power to the fuel pump and it turned on. i aslo check and the main fuse is good. I would appreciate any help.

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    On my 04 directly under the glove box are some wires that the manual says to disconnect to stop the spark when fogging the motor for winter. Could someone have done this and not reconnected them. worth a shot good luck

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    Did you check the relay next to the ecu

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    If it turns out to be an electrical component, I have a complete set of electronics for that ski.

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    RRated i tried one out of a friends skie that runs and so such luck.

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    Scottydaty how much would you want for all the parts? Would you sell any of the parts separately?

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    I will sell all or seperate. I have all the electronics including wiring harness and gauges, head (ready to go, no damage), cams, seat, hood, pump. 407-928-9400

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    I live on the east coast. What is a good time to call you?

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    Does anyone have a complete wire harness for a 04 15F for sale? I have a feeling that this is my problem.

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