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    Brand new LG Shine cell phone in ATT retail box

    This phone is absolutely 100% brand new and un-used and in the ATT retail box. It still has the button protector sticker on it and etc.

    The backplate on the phone is from a used phone and has some very fine scratches on it and the power cord is used as well.
    The explanation for this is that my shine broke and I got it replaced with this new phone and a brand new battery under warranty. For whatever reason, they do not include the backplate with the new phone

    I personally really like the phone. The entire phone is brushed stainless with a mirror face. Its a very masculine-looking and stylish phone. I am selling it because I just purchased an Iphone and dont need the phone.

    Im asking $75 shipped. Paypal payments only please. The phone sells for over $200 from ATT and averages $125 on ebay.

    I always entertain interesting trades.

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    If you would do a money order I will take it.

    Edit: If you don't want a money order, I can try and get my sister to send a PP to you. She has PP, I don't.

    Side note, I send all my phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers. I will be doing this with my current phone when I do get a new one.
    So if anyone would like to donate, send an old phone, don't throw it away.

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    I received a PM about it yesterday as well. I sent the other party my paypal info. If he does not pay this weekend, the phone is yours. I prefer paypal but if you send a money order in a timely fashion, thats fine I guess... I just dont like the waiting thats why I usually say paypal only.
    You should get an account.. makes buying and selling much easier and safer.

    The mrs has a used ATT phone that was only used for a couple of months. its very clean and also has the retail box. Its a slide phone and is a cool bright orange color..
    If youre interested and this doesnt work out, I can post pics.

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    Sold to turbo todd

    Im posting a thread for the other phone in a few min. check it out.

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