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    Thanks for ten GREAT YEARS!

    After 10 years of full throttle action, my family and I have decided it is time for us to retire from racing. Anyone that has that competitive blood in their veins knows that this decision was not an easy one. With grandkids at the dirt biking age and the desert just a couple hours away, I have decided to slow down and smell the roses and change direction.
    Over the years I have had the privilege of racing in well over two hundred events with some of the greatest racers and people around. I feel the need to thank them, if I forget anyone it is not my intent. First and foremost I need to thank my wife Gail and daughter Bailey for putting up with the financial and time demands. I thank them for their patience, their encouragement and their unyielding support.
    Larry Ham got me hooked on this sport back in 1999. It took only one race and I was hooked and I have not looked back since. I'm confident most of you got started that way also. I want to thank the promoters starting way back when with Lou and Lois Peralta, Marty and Lynne Roberts from the great state of Texas, Ross Wallach, Mike Follmer, Jim Russell from our own region won, Jim Lambert from Djsa in Nor-Cal and Mark Gerner of I know Mark says “ I am not the promoter” all the time but I don’t know of a better promoter of offshore endurance racing. I need to thank all the staff that help theses promoters as well. They work their butts off, most of the time for nothing, putting up with unruly people, sunburn, very long hours and never enough credit makes it their way.
    I could not have had the success I had without some extremely talented and fast team partners. Jon Casner, Charley Evans, Matt Legerski and Lee Phan all “ride it like you stole it” to coin the phrase.
    The shop where I work, Clawson Motorsports has been my number one sponsor for my entire 10 year racing career. I thank them for always being willing to help out in any way they could. Larry Noble and Larry Ham of Noble racing furnished me with a three year e-ticket ride in the Texas Supercourse series. Hydroturf, R+D racing, Riva Racing, Slippery, OTB,, Liquid Militia and K38 have all helped me be a better racer with their products and or services. I thank all of you.
    Thanks to each and every rider that I had the privilege to tear it up with on the course. So many of you have completely amazed me with your talent. I will treasure these moments forever.
    I don’t plan on being out of the loop. I plan to stay engaged by working on pwc’s. This continues to be my livelihood and I don’t plan on losing an edge in that regard. I am looking forward to being a spectator at a race near you so
    Steve Friebe
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    Steve I had the priviledge of truely racing against you once. It is an experience I will never forget. I only wish I could get another chance with you on a race course! I have just begun my racing career and I have to say I'm sad to see you step out of racing. At the same time, I understand.

    P.S. You better put alot of your magic into Marks ski for the LB2CAT.

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    7 words.
    No words..

    This is a huge loss to the endurance racing crowd. That is something I can say for sure.

    It is a huge loss....but also life is to be lived on all fronts and seasons. In a very selfish way I am sad. In a way of friendship I am smiling.

    We'll all be waiting for the next generation of Friebe's to PIN IT TO WIN IT!

    Steve in line for Mark Han 5:30am pro style

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    Steve, your a great racer.. I have been on the water with you and a spectator watching you win some great races. I am one of your biggest fans. No one does a lemans start like you! Take care my friend and hope to see you soon.

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    Man! A true warrior on the course! Steve, its sad to see you go! As a teammate, and a friend! You will be missed greatly, endurance racing is seeing a GREAT racer step down! Your one of the good guys for the sport Steve! Your competitive nature, I'm HONORED to have had the opportunity to race WITH YOU several times. YOU ARE THE MAN STEVE!

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    Competitive, honest, committed and a huge heart, this is Steve Friebe. We congratulate Steve on his successful racing career and for leaving his mark on endurance racing for many years to come.

    Anyone who knows endurance racing knows Steve Friebe. Anyone who needs to know anything about a SeaDoo, knows Steve Friebe. Steve's retirement is bitter sweet to all of us. We support Steve wholeheartedly. On behalf of PWCOFFSHORE, we thank Steve for his commitment to endurance racing, being a team player and wish him only the very best that life has to offer Steve and his family. He genuinely deserves it. The racing community is sad to see Steve put down his helmet and move on but appreciates and respects his decision to move on to the next phase of his life. It has been a genuine honor to know Steve and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Steve, we're just really going to miss him on the race course.

    All respects to Steve Friebe

    Steve Friebe of Clovis, California:

    Primary Race Craft: 2005 SeaDoo RXP

    Steve was born and raised in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. He started his career in the Motorsports industry as a technician at a Honda, John Deere dealer back in 1978. In 1982 Steve left the cold country to move to sunny California. Upon moving to California, Steve went to work for Clawson Motorsport and works there to this day, the same shop where he started when he moved to California. When asked about his job, Steve says "I'm sure glad I don’t have to go to work every day, I just get to go play, learn and have a good time.” Steve started racing jet skis back in 1999 and was hooked immediately. The long endurance races are his favorite due to all of the additional requirements such as perfect fuel stops, quick rider changes and an effective race strategy. Steve says, ”the best part about racing is all the great people you get to meet and hang out with.” Steve estimates that he has done the Long Beach to Catalina and back training ride approximately 35 times. Steve's most prized accomplishment was winning the Mark Hahn Memorial 300 mile race in 2006. Long Beach to Catalina race, made the podium! Steve is married to his wife Gail and has a 19 year old daughter named Bailey.

    Steve Friebe's Race History: APBA #70933 USWRA # US00602. Years riding 20. Years Racing 10. 2006 Seadoo RXP 2006 National Team Endurance Champion Winner of The Mark Hahn Memorial 300 New World Record 4 hours 50 Minutes (2006), East West Texas Cup Overall Winner 2005 USWRA Supercourse Rankings, 1st in Masters Class 2005 USWRA Supercourse Rankings , 1st in Pro-am 4 stroke Superstock 2005 Teamsport Racing Supercourse Series Masters Class Champion 2005 Teamsport Racing Supercourse Series 3rd overall, Pro-am 4 stroke superstock 2004 BP Motorsports endurance series 2nd overall, Overall Winner Team 400 Endurance Race, 3rd Overall Long Beach to Catalina Race, 9th Overall World Finals Super Course Race, 3rd Overall APBA Sprint Race Series 2003 BP Motorsports endurance series Champion, Class Champion Long Beach to Catalina race, 3 overall wins out of four team races 2002 IJSBA / BP Motorsports endurance series 7th overall, Masters Class Champion in Gran Prix series, Class Champion Long Beach to Catalina race. 2007 Race Results: Region 1: Mark Hahn Memorial 11th overall, 7th pro-am 4 Stroke. SCSC Spring Classic Parker AZ, 1st overall, 1st pro-am open. Long Beach to Catalina 5th overall, 5th proam. Region 2: Clearlake Supercourse, 3rd overall, 2nd pro-am open. Camp Far West Supercourse, 1st overall, 1st proam open. Region 5: Team Sport Supercourse series, 1st am-vets, 7th pro-am open. Texas Cup Challenge, 1st am-vets, 6th pro-am open. Supercourse Nationals, 1st am-vets, 4th pro-am open. APBA Supercourse high points for 2007, 1st am-vets 4th pro-am open, 2nd place overall in the 2008 Mark Hahn 300 mile endurance race. 2008 Long Beach to Catalina Offshore National Championship - 7th overall.

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    Steve Friebe in 2008 during one of his many offshore training rides to Catalina Island:
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    Friebe, dont let go, your slipping into Grandparent mode. Dont let go of your best hold on of your youth. Next we are going to be hearing about your golfing.

    Ah oh well. Ya know you always have a family on the fun side of life, you know the doors always open to you.....

    Good luck Master, even if you did drive a Seadoo.

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    WOW! Steve, alway's a competetor to the end. Hurt, rain, cold alway's a friendly and cordial person. Damn, feels like an obituary! The thing I alway's admired about Steve....he would drive at 99.9% but rarely crossed the line and go faster than was possible with the equipment he had.

    He taught me to put yourself into position to win and not worry about the win....that will come. Things will and do happen, they can't be controlled.

    Grand kids...wth? Are you that old He's always a sense of sanity in a crazy world. My hats off to to you Stev-a-reno I've always considered you a good friend and an ambasdor of the sport. Best to you pal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawn alladio View Post words.
    No words..

    This is a huge loss to the endurance racing crowd. That is something I can say for sure.

    It is a huge loss....but also life is to be lived on all fronts and seasons. In a very selfish way I am sad. In a way of friendship I am smiling.

    We'll all be waiting for the next generation of Friebe's to PIN IT TO WIN IT!

    Steve in line for Mark Han 5:30am pro style

    This is hard to believe!!! I was just with him Yesterday and he mentioned nothing? Steve is the person who took me out and got me hooked some 9 years ago, it's been fun Steve and you will be missed in the sport!

    As for me. . . I'm sure I'll see you in the next couple of days, I'll beat some sense in you then and as for the Grandkids, I know where you are coming from, what a good heart bud. Take care and good luck and especially, thanks for all of your support and help in the past. See you at the Moto X Track.


    A quick note: I remember a World Champ, King “D” had announced he was “retiring” from the sport and last time I looked he was at the latest race “MH 300” and we are still graced with he and his family presence at almost every race in the Nation. I hope that this is the kind of retirement you are referring to. Bet I see you at the Dana Point to Avalon Offshore Sprint next month! Love Ya Man. . . .

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