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    What's a good deal?

    Hi all. I am heading to the Philadelphia boat show tomorrow to buy my first pwc. I am pretty set on the GTI or GTI SE 130. The 150 seems a bit out of reach for my budget. I am ok with getting a leftover 2008 if its a better deal. I want to buy the pwc with 3 year extended BEST warranty, a trailer, cover and installed wakeboard rack. I don't plan to wakeboard too much but need it to carry me, my kites and my Kiteboard to a sandbar. Without tax and title what would you consider a good out the door price considering the current economy and the incentives for those two skiis?

    Thanks everyone. I am off the wall stoked. I plan to come cash in hand to help with negotiations.

    I am pretty handy and can buy the rack on amazon for $140 and install it myself but am a bit worried with possibly voiding a warranty.

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    I bought a 155 rxp At the detroit boat show for 7200. I also.bought a 2008 gti se and the price was about the same. Both of my skis came with a five year warranty. So anything around 7300 is a good price for a gti se. The normal gti should be quite a bit less

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