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    650 sx water line

    Need some advice.I have got a 89 650 sx and have found that the water line going from the pump thru the hull to the engine compart is broke off flush.I was wondering if there was a fix for this mishap.

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    I have a spare X2 hull i just transplanted my ex race setup into and had this same problem.

    I fixed it quite easily but at the same time converted all the lines over to SMC push in style fittings (ie no clamps or fat rubber hose).

    1: Remove engine and pump (yes while it sounds like a PITA, its easy on a 650)

    2: Run a holesaw (19mm?) larger than the line itself in the pump backing plate of the hull, and the firewall bulkhead in the engine bay. This means all thats holding the line now is the foam on the inside.

    3: Tap a 3ft tube from the back towards the front thats just under the ID size of that holesaw. Sharpen a bevel on the tube from the outside so it cuts thru the foam, and the alum line that was once the cooling line, will guide it towards the hole in the firewall.

    4: Once thru, pull it out and you will have a nice hole from front to back that you can feed new single or twin 8mm push in lines. Feed those into the bay, and silicone both ends up.

    5: Remove brass elbow on pump and swap with 1/8th to 8mm 90deg elbow, and push in line. Repeat at manifold.

    6: Silicone up around the firewall and pump backing plate.

    Thats the way to have trouble free, lines for ever, for tool-less removal and maintinace. You can run these from the head bypass and exaaust lines too. Looks trick, and works so well.

    Im sure there is a "easier" way, but this is set for life and its done right.

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    I had that happen once and what I did is just ran a piece of copper tubbing in the old hole and put some good epoxy sealent around. I haven't had any problems since then with it.

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    im not sure if this will help but either a * find the stem to the water line, and re- epoxy / jb weld it back on or b * get a new stem with threads... gently re thread a hole --- just a little bit-- to where the original line goes, and then glue that sucker in so that vibration wont loosten him up... and it should be fixed.

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