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    project Tripples.. On a GK BB

    I am starting My "project Tripples On a GK BB".
    1st thing that I question is water routing. Does any one have a pdf file, or other water diagrams. That would help me Plan my water routing. I have three jet works flow controls. but each pipe has Two inlets??? one outlet into the water box, and one other?

    ..found this at factory pipe in PDF file

    2nd does any one have a parts number for the orings?
    found this at factory pipe in PDF file

    3. what or how is the best way to MOUNT the water manifold to the hull. or mount the electric box to the wall or any other out of the way place. I currenty have it in a mounting with out the battery box. so No battery box ideas. I think I want to mount it to the inside hull wall left side but how
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    *** FOR COMPETITION USE ONLY per US EPA regulations ***
    Factory Pipe
    Bill Of Materials
    Yamaha GP1200R
    Item Qty Part Number Part Description
    1 3 COMASM0690 GP1200R Flange assembly
    2 1 COMASM0840 GP1200R Collector assembly
    3 1 COMASM0821 GP1200R Mag chamber assembly
    4 1 COMASM0822 GP1200R Ctr chamber assembly
    5 1 COMASM0823 GP1200R PTO chamber assembly
    6 1 COMST12002 GP1200R Mag stinger
    7 1 COMST12003 GP1200R Ctr stinger
    8 1 COMST12001 GP1200R PTO stinger
    9 1 COMASM0825 GP1200R Mag bracket assembly
    10 1 COMASM0826 GP1200R PTO upper bracket assy
    11 1 COMASM0827 GP1200R PTO lower bracket assy
    12 1 COMASM0828 GP1200R Filter block hose assy
    13 1 COMASM0829 GP1200R Exit water manifold
    14 1 COMASM0844 GP1200R Cyl head water exit
    15 1 COMASM0843 GP1200R Hardware kit (includes items 16-35)
    16 6 COMASM0790 Spring w/ clear hose cover
    17 12 COMFAS0050 10mm x 1.25 x 40mm Flanged head cap
    18 6 COMFAS0002 2 Hole spring hook S.S. (10mm)
    19 9 COMCLP0020 #32 SS Hose clamp (2")
    20 3 COMHOS00703 1-3/4" Silicone coupler (2-1/2")
    22 13 COMCLP0010 #06 SS Hose clamp (3/8")
    23 6 COMFAS0086 3/8" Flat washer w/1" OD S.S.
    24 6 COMFAS0046 10mm x 1.25 x 30mm Flange head cap
    25 1 COMFAS0280 3/8"-16 x 1" S.S. Hex head cap screw
    26 5 COMFAS0100 3/8"-16 x 3/4" Hex head bolt S.S.
    27 6 COMFAS0040 10mm Lock washer (.691" OD) S.S.
    28 1 COMBRK0214 GP1200R Mag case bracket
    29 3 COMGAS0150 7-1/4" Graphite/kevlar sealing ring
    32 2 COMCLP0085 S.S. [email protected] Clamp
    33 1 COMFAS0012 #10 x 2" SS Pan head screw
    34 2 COMFAS0210 4" Plastic zip tie
    35 1 COMTUB0006 1/4" Flex guard 24" long
    Required Parts Not Included in Kit: Aftermarket Rev Limiter/Ignition Module, Aftermarket Flame arrestors and Aftermarket Top Loader Intake Pump Grate and Ride Plate.
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Factory Pipe
    Yamaha GP1200R
    Disconnect the battery and remove the power valve servo and cables with the bracket. Completely remove the stock exhaust/catalytic converter system from the cylinder to the water box and leave the stock 3/8" waterlines attached to the side squirters. Remove the two studs on the center cylinder. Retain the stock waterbox rubber coupler and clamp, stock front engine case bracket, and stock exhaust manifold gasket. Remove the stock front air silencer and carburetor flame arrestors. Retain one of the rubber mounts and bolt. Remove the rear motor mount on the exhaust side of the boat. Slide trim cable, stator wires, starter cable, and ground cable under motor. Remove lower cable guide from hull to allow clearance for exhaust.
    Install an aftermarket top loader intake grate and ignition system (or rev limiter/CDI module) per the manufacturer=s instructions.
    Install the three graphite/kevlar sealing rings (item #29) into the flanges (item #1) (Figure 1). Note: Kevlar seals should be 7-1/4" in length. Check length before installing. Install the three flanges on the cylinder using the retained stock manifold gasket, 10mm x 40mm bolts (item #17), and spring hooks (item #1. The barbed hose fittings should point toward the front of the boat and the spring hooks should be turned outward at a 45 degree angle (Figure 2). Torque all flange bolts to 30 ft.-lb.
    Lay the filter block assembly (item #12) in the left side of the hull in the upper groove centered on the engine. Connect the front three non-filtered waterlines on the filter block assembly to the fittings on the exhaust flanges. Secure with #6 hose clamps (item #22). Note: Waterline lengths are left long to accommodate different setups. Cut to suit your application. Secure the filter assembly to the hull using one of the [email protected] clamps (item #32), and the #10 x 2" screw (item #33). Use a 1/8" drill bit to pre-drill the hole for the screw (Figure 3). Remove the stock black 5/8" x 4" piece of waterline from the stock [email protected] Connect the 5/8" waterline from the filter assembly to the [email protected] and secure with the supplied clamp.
    Remove the air box silencer rubber mount from the left side of the mag cover. Install the mag case bracket (item #2 using the retained rubber mount and 8mm bolt and washer, making sure that the steel collar is on the mag side of the bracket. (Figure 4).
    Put the center chamber (item #4) in the boat and secure the rubber Lord mount on chamber to the mag case bracket using a 3/8"-16 x 3/4" bolt and washer (item #26,23). Do not insert chamber into flange at this time (Figure 5).
    Page 4
    Install the mag chamber (item #3) starting with the pipe vertical and rotating it down and through the center chamber. Now, insert both the mag and center chambers into the flanges and secure with the exhaust springs (item #16)(Figure 6). Note: 1. After installation of mag chamber, remove the throttle cable from carb bracket and route through center of chamber to avoid stretching cable. 2. A small amount of grease on the o-rings will allow them to slide in easily.
    Install the mag bracket (item #9) on the stock front bracket using two 10mm x 30mm bolts (item #24), and two 10mm lock washers (item #27). Torque bolts to 30 ft.-lb.
    Attach mag chamber to bracket using the 3/8" x 1" bolt (item #25), and 3/8" flat washer (item #23) on the exhaust side mount, and a 3/8" x 3/4" bolt (item #26), and flat washer (item #23) on the carburetor side mount. Note: Install the 3/8" x 1" bolt first. Install a 3/8" x 3/4" bolt (item #26), and flat washer (item #23), on the upper mount of the center chamber into the Lord mount and tighten.
    Attach the front two filtered waterlines (the larger diameter of the filter block is the filtered end) to the fittings on the mag and center chambers below the flanges using a #6 hose clamp (item #13).
    Install the collector assembly (item #2) into the waterbox coupler and rotate it so the bottom tube is 2" above hull. Do not tighten clamp at this time.
    Note: 1. Do not use grease or oil on silicone couplers. Use only glass cleaner or water with dish soap if required. 2. You may want to leave all the hose clamps slightly loose on the stinger/collector/chamber connections until all three are installed and aligned.
    Slip a #32 hose clamp (item #19) over each coupler tube on the collector and leave loose. Install the mag stinger tailpipe (item #6) into the lower coupler on the collector. Then install a 1-3/4" x 2 2"silicone coupler (item #20) between the mag chamber and mag stinger and lightly secure with #32 hose clamps (item #19). Install the center stinger tailpipe (item #7) into the upper coupler on the collector. Install a 1-3/4"x 2-1/2"silicone coupler (item #20) between the center chamber and tailpipe. Lightly secure with #32 hose clamps (item #19) and lightly secure clamps on the rear collector (Figure 7).
    Install the PTO lower bracket (item #11) using two 10mm x 30mm bolts (item #24), and two 10mm lock washers (item #27) onto the left rear engine case and torque to 30 ft.-lbs..
    Remove the four nuts holding the battery tray and move it just slightly to make it easier to install the PTO chamber. Install the PTO chamber (item #5) into the flange and secure with exhaust springs (item #16). Install a 3/8" x 3/4" bolt and washer (item #26,23) through the PTO chamber into the lower mount bracket. Install the PTO upper bracket (item #10) on the cylinder head using the remaining 10 x 30mm bolts (item #24), and 10mm lock washers (item #27) and torque to 30 ft.-lb. Install a 3/8" x 3/4" bolt and washer (item #26,23) through the PTO chamber, into
    Page 5
    the upper mount bracket. Install the PTO stinger tailpipe (item # into the remaining coupler on the collector. Attach the 1-3/4"x 2-1/2" silicone coupler (item #20) between the chamber and tailpipe and secure with #32 hose clamps (item #19).
    Attach the remaining waterline from the filter block assembly to the fitting on the PTO chamber, secure with a #6 hose clamp (item #22). Connect the stock [email protected] outlet hose to the 2" fitting on the water exit manifold (item #13). Secure with the retained stock clamp. Attach the three 3/[email protected] waterlines to the outlet fitting on the end of each of the chambers and secure with #6 hose clamps (item #22). Note: You can also use three individual side squirters to bypass the exit water from the chambers.
    Install remaining [email protected] clamp (item #32) over 3/8" waterlines going to the center and mag chambers. Attach to the left upper 6mm bolt hole on the PTO power valve assembly.
    Attach the cylinder head exit waterlines (item #14) to the water outlet fittings on the cylinder head. Attach the 3/8" barbed ends to the two retained stock waterlines from the side squirters at the front of the boat. Secure all hoses with #6 hose clamps (item #22).
    1. You must run fuel with a minimum octane rating of 92 (premium pump fuel). Running a lower octane fuel can cause detonation and serious engine damage.
    2. Always warm up the engine prior to full throttle/high speed operation.
    Because of the number of variables involved with the triple pipes on this application, Factory Pipe makes no carburetor recommendations. Carburetor adjustments will vary depending on engine modifications, fuel, altitude, and other variables. PLEASE CONSULT A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH TUNING YOUR CARBURETOR(S).

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    What Is a RAD gauge? (relitive air density?) where do I get one? does everyone with tripple pipes use one?

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    Check out Woody's post, he runs the water on the other side and it work much better.

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    I was reading his post and have it saved for referance. I thought the directions from FP was differant than I seen on WOODYS page.
    Now How does woody mount the manifold? screws? ist that spot double walled?

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    great lakes,your welcome to call and ill help you out.775-315-0222

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    PM sent

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