aight, to convert your grease lubricated pump to oil lubrication is pretty simple. This is also a perfect time to do a pump rebuild kit of you have about 100 hrs on your craft.

Things you'll need: Impeller tool, torque wrench, 1 QT Belray 80-90 Wt gear lube, metric allen wrenches, assorted flat head screwdrivers.

  1. Pull the pump and impeller
  2. disassemble the pump (pull the tail cone and shaft) use flat heads to pry off tail cone
  3. CAREFULLY remove the seals and bearings, and mark what way you took the bearings out.
  4. with the bearings out, remove the dust shield on each bearing that faces towards the inside of the pump.
  5. Reinstall bearings and seals making sure to pack grease between seals
  6. get the pump shaft close and ready to install for next step
  7. Using your finger, plug the hole in the middle of the seals and fill the area between the seals and the first bearing with oil and quickly insert the pump shaft.
  8. Get the impeller on, fill the hub cavity 90% full of the gear oil and reassemble the rest.
Originally from Hurricane1000