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    To use or not to use solas impeller collar on stage 1 rxp

    I seem to get different opinions but was just wondering if I should use the green aluminum shaft collar that came with my solas 14/19. Am I better off with the stock rubber version? I heard the solas version can cause cavitation? I will mostly lake ride but may be in salt water from time to time


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    I felt personnally that I lost speed without mine. I run one again and run in salt.

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    impeller boot

    The stock rubber boot will probably split or fail somewhere down the road and cause cavitation for sure.
    The aluminium will not. Use it.
    Save your rubber for an emergency!

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    is there an o ring that goes in between the solas green cone and the impeller or does the cone just butt right up to the prop??

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    There is an o-ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by fcs1965 View Post
    I heard the solas version can cause cavitation?
    It will cause cavitation if not installed properly and it unscrews and walks up the shaft.

    It won't cause cavitation when installed.

    My tip for installing them. Take a flat head screwdriver and a hammer and damage the threads in 3 places around the threads. Use plenty of red loc tite and then screw it onto the impeller. You won't have to worry about it anymore.

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