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    To HE77 with Georgia!
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    Wink Point and laugh at me, please...

    So I'm about to go for a short, first ride of the season. I never winterized my ski, just fired it up every 10-14 days to keep fresh oils and fluids on the parts. Next year, I'll winterize, no question..

    The battery died the last time I tried to start it, about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Last night it was finally warm enough after work to get my hands dirty in the ski. I opened her up, got to the battery, rolled my motorcycle over, took the seats off to get to its battery, hooked up the jumper cables and fired up my bike. I let it idle for about 10 minutes, and it seemed to do a great job charging the battery.

    SO, now there's no fuel in the fuel filter, and cranking it wasn't priming the line. I knew I was VERY low on gas, and perhaps even someone's siphoned out what little was left (who knows?) so I dumped in a little 1-gallon gas can of gas that I've had filled for a couple months. I know it's enough to reach the fuel pickup, but it still doesn't prime with the motor cranking. So, I'm too lazy to figure a better way, so I take the line off the "out" side of the fuel filter and use my mouth. I got the fuel in, but couldn't get the fuel line back on in time to keep it from falling back into the tank. Tried again.. fuel in the mouth. Fail #2. (Battery being #1).

    Get the fuel line together, crank engine, see fuel flow.. good to go, right?

    I can't get it to start still.. I'm choking, squeezing the throttle a little to squirt fuel in.. every trick that usually works... nothing.

    Hmm., maybe the spark plugs? I'm taking them out, inspecting..(look pretty healthy.. a little carbon, but nothing unusual) cheking to see if they're getting spark.. I can't see any. Am I checking them properly? Or do I have bad wires..?

    Ok, check the carbs, too, while I'm at it. Take of the filter and cover. Fuel flow is good, butterfly's operating properly. Squirters operating.. Great, maybe I flooded it? Let's go inside and read on checking spark plugs while it sits.. maybe I'm checking them wrong.

    Now I'm reading threads for starting problems, spark problems, cranking problems... 15 minutes into it, I read someone's advice for another member who can't get spark. He runs down a check list 3rd or 4th item.. "...kill switch..."


    It's been 3 or 4 weeks, and I completely brain farted on simply putting the frakin' key on the kill switch...

    Please, laugh at me, it'll help me learn!

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    Been there!

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    Now that is funny. It is always the simplist things it seems.

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    OMG LOL im sry but thats funny ! I FEEL u ! ! I was at a boat launch one day and drifted out 50 ft or so and i couldnt not start my ski......then to realize the kill swith

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    Bing-A-Ding-Ding-Ding, Brrrrrap! Brrrrrrrrrap!!! Polaris_Nut#1's Avatar
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    don't let anybody fool you. we have all done it at least once.

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    OK! I just noticed what the Hell is the pig doing to the fox? maybe a question for WaterWoody?
    Edit I used google images of point and laugh ,, since I know BD will ask ( What the heck were you searching for ) lol

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    LMFAO!!! That was great Zmann. I would point and laugh GTRambo but I can only raise my hand and say "me too".

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    We've all done stupid things such as this...some others things that have happened:
    Forget to put the drain plug back on
    Forget to turn the fuel knob on
    Leave the gas or oil tank hose or cap off so water got in

    I'm sure there are more but these come to mind.

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    errkk i hate my self for the forgot to install the plug in , water + old seals = ruined stator , seized bendix , and ugly but usable crank

    i have done the fuel knob but not the kill switch ,

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