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    plug chop..results

    hey guys, i finally got to take the ski out on friday for a couple hours, she ran real nice. so i decided to do a plug chop just to check to make sure i can run the engine without having any issues on the water. I let the ski warm up for about 5-10 mins, then i went full throttle and pulled my killswitch cord, i checked the front plug and i got a dry chocolate/orange-red color. i then did the same to the back and got the same result. what do you guys think?
    also it was running great until i got stuck in some seagras...20mins later and a lot of pushing from my part i got it free, but when i tried to start her, she wouldnt start on the first crank. she finally got started with the choke and some gas, but then when i did the same thing about an hour later, i would hit the start button, it would turn but not fire. i would have to give it some gas while turning cranking over, but it would take some time. but then other times she would fire right on the i doing something wrong? thanks guys

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    Next time you do a plug chop try and take a good picture of the plug. Everyone interprets colors different and that way you will get a more accurate response.

    This was taken from another website:

    LOW SPEED ADJUSTMENT 0% to 35% throttle range - In 90% of all cases, the low speed mixture screw can be accurately set without riding the machine. Secure the boat on a submerged trailer or standing in about three feet of water. With the engine completely warmed up, set the carb up to a slightly higher than normal steady idle. Turn the low speed mixture screw in or out in 1/4 turn increments. As you get closer to the ideal setting, the engine rpm's will increase. If the idle speed is increased by this mixture adjustment, turn the idle speed adjustment screw down and continue the same process in 1/8 turn increments. At the ideal mixture setting, 1/8 turn in a richer or leaner direction will cause a very un-steady idle and cause the engine to die. To confirm your perfect low speed mixture setting, touch the kill button during idling...and then touch the start button about ten seconds later. The engine should restart instantly and idle steadily without touching the throttle.

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