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    replace or repair fuel selctor?

    I've read more than a couple of threads on tempo fuel lines etc. Mine use to have them 2001 carb'd GTX but the lemonhead that I bought it from did not replace all the lines and some of the ones he did turned out not to be fuel line! I'm gonna replace all my hoses including all the vent lines as I can't stand looking at this mess.
    My question is about the fuel selector switch as I have read that the ethanol in local fuel (IN and IL are 10% minimum) is eating away the metal in the switch. Should I just bypass the switch completely? I'd add a short line to the "on inlet" in the baffle and cap it and just run it on reserve continuously.
    I guess my worry is friend or family running this thing dry and leaning it out / burning up my top end. Do the fuel selectors last? Is there any danger of a leak? Should I just clean the darn thing out and shut up?

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    well you own this one and you could just clean it and use it till its dead. Then replace it or just leave enough fuel line to the valve that when it fails it can be connected to the baffle direct.. I like the valve and still have mine connected. so I can cut the fuel off when I am not ridding. Sometimes the pressure in the fuel tank is more than pop off and I don't like fuel in the bilge. I live in Florida and it gets pretty hot inside th hull

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    the fuel selector is easily removed and cleaned. i have replaced them, they are inexpensive. but every time i was able to also quickly clean and rehab the old selector to good as new. so i would say remove it see if you can clean it, and reinstall. save 20 bux.
    i used carb cleaner and wd40.

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    Hey Pest! if you are getting that kind of back pressure in your tank it sounds to me like you might want to clear out your vent / check valve as that thing should only hold 1-2# of pressure from what I've read. Let me know if I am wrong though.

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