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Thread: F.S. X charger

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    F.S. X charger

    Has 100hours all up.....The Charger Failed(Washers I Believe) at 70hrs and was rebuilt under warranty....its has run and is still running faultlessly for the last 30hrs...I will post pics in a couple of days once I get home from work and take it out of the ski....Sorry I don't know how to test slip I would be happy to take it to my local dealer and get them to check it if thats what you want...It has run without any probs. since rebuild...

    am asking $AU850+postage with Australia post express...will be around the $60 to $80 but I will check this Once I get the Charger out...


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    They are 698us brand new ........i think 850 plus shipping will come to about 1000.Sounds a bit expensive....

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    $AU850 is about $US530

    Postage at say $AU100 will set you back an extra $US63

    so I'll put it this way $US590.00 is what the cost would be for this charger including postage....

    For me to buy a Brand new X charger in Australia from the online store would cost me plus the $AU100 to post it $AU1,260....

    If the Price is high.... I'm sure I'll sell it in Australia at $AU850 considering its just over $400 cheaper than a new one....

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    My apolagies it seems you can buy and X charger for $US579 brand new....So my freind above you are write in what you say..Therefore I will have to with draw the Charger from sale as It would be better to have a spare than to not make near close to what it would cost me in Little old OZ to replace

    Thanks Anyway.....Spare charger for me

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