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    NEEDED: Right Side Sponson (stock) for 2004 RXP

    Hey guys....FOR ALL YOU UPGRADE fanatics - if you have upgraded your ski to aftermarket sponsons and still have your stock sponsons, I took a major hit today coming down off of a wake jump, and when I hit the water I immediately felt the ski get 'squishy'. Turns out, the force of hitting the water snapped the plastic on the right side sponson and I tore it off.

    I am looking for a STOCK RXP (2004 - or any model that will fit) sponson for the RIGHT side.

    Any help would be appreciated. If you are charitable, GREAT, if you need some $$$, let me know how much and we can try to figure it out. THANKS.

    PM me back, or email at [email protected]


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    Paul, I have one '04 sponson left over from a repair and I am pretty sure it is the right side. I'll check when I get home.


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