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    Gp 760 low budget power


    I have a 97 Gp760 that my faimly loves to ride (also a RXT).
    I would like to get a little more power out of the 760 ( I know sell it then you will be better) but right now the ski has trim tabs,after market sponsons,ride plate,R&D intake grate and a K&N air filters. ski has 240 hours and runs good.
    ... kids love to spin it but does not have quite enough power to make it real snappy coming out of a spin.
    Would like to spend about 300.00 on it go get more power
    Any thoughts,
    Thank you

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    get a head for it .. you can find an Rn'D rec cut head on ebay from time to time.. or send your factory one to a shop that specializes in 2 stroke work and have it cut to raise the compression and it will scoot from dead stop alot better..240 hours is a bit but if your compression is still good now (say within 10% of new), go for it..
    then get a better than stock pitch impeller like a solas xi or xo ..
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    I say DON'T get rid of it. The 760 is perfect for beginners (like the kids). In stock form the 760 will "get on down" as far as a kid is concerned, but not so fast it will rip their arms off, etc.

    At 240 hours, I don't know about putting a higher compression head on it. Just don't forget that putting a higher compression head means running premium gas. Yes, you can find a good used Pro-Tec recreational head on eBay usually in the $100-$150 range. Something no one ever seems to bring up is you will also have to switch to the longer BR8ES plug as opposed to the BR8HS. Screw the HS plug into the Pro-Tec head while it is off, and you will see what I mean. Christ, I am rambling...

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    Ive got a set of rec ported cylinders that would really wake the ski up! $150

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