Howdy all,
From Guam U.S.A. in the middle of the Pacific; just thought I'd drop a line and try to discribe my ski that I purchased from a friend. I have a 2001/2 gp1200r thriple factory pipe, novi 48, m16 reed infested, riva boost manifold, 14 vane set back magnum pump, being turned by a titanium saft, riva auto drop nozzle, running stock electrical with a riva cdi, riva mod intake, ride plate, and drop trim. I don't know how fast she runs although the rpm stock gauge pegs out and on the dream meter I have hit 80. very squirlly though at top speed.
I also have indivual girdled heads running 145 psi on all three cylinders using 91 octane fuel.
well thats about it for now, may take up some of the modifications listed on the tech tips.....tunnel re-enforcement etc. be looking forward to visiting your pages on the forums.