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    Question 02 GP1200R problem

    Last year at the begininng of the season, I took my '02 GP1200R out after sitting up for the winter, it ran fine for about 15 minutes in the water and then just died out. It didn't want to turn over when I tried to start it, then all of the sudden it would fire up and run for about a minute then shuts off again completely. It kind of hesitates when trying to start. I can hear something try to work, but if I let it sit there for about 5 minutes, it will fire up run and then die again. I brought the ski to a mechanic and he said I had two blown cylinders. Took him awhile to fix but I finally got it back before this past winter. He supposedly replaced the two cylinders and it was supposedly fixed. But when I took it out just recently it was doing the samething thing as before. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this. Could it be the fuel filter or line? What about the Cat Con? Will the Cat Con snuff the eninge out like that?

    The ski will run fine on the flush kit!

    I have an appointment with a Yamaha Dealer to diagnose the problem but if it is a simple fix like a fuel filter, I could prolly do that.

    I was also thinking of having them put a D-plate and Cat sensor on it while they are working on it. Do you have to put Free Flow when doing the D-plate mod?

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    First the dealer won't put on a D plate. It's the law, that's why we "had" Cats.
    You motor problem could be anything. since you had the same problem last year it is NOT from winteriztion.
    You need to check some simple things first. Skis will run perfect on the trailer with ONE fouled plug. But run like crap in the water, even load up and die. If you have any plans of keeping your 1200 you need to download a manule and read it. Shop cost are tooooo MUCH!

    SO first get it running then worry about High proformance.
    Buy a new fuel filter. It is right there when you open the front visor. remove the bucket and look at the steering bars. It is conected to the blue lines. It is also a water seperator. so look closely before you start jerking it around. look for a lot of dirt or water. If you have a filter full of dirt your going to have to have your filters in your carbs cleaned. this will get you started.

    Buy 3 new plugs for it first, the plug numbers ARE right on the head should be BR8ESII the gape is .045 .
    BR8ES plugs will not work right, you can't gape them correctly.
    after changing the plugs ride it.

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    It could also be carb rebuild time if the fuel pump diaphragms are going out. The fact that it initially runs fine then craps out and is hard to start makes me think of the charging system too. Have you checked voltage at the battery leads when it's running on the trailer?

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    When I called to ask them about the D-plate & cat sensor, they said no problem, they wll even order the parts. I am in Louisiana, there is no law! Just Joking. Another dealer down here did it for a friend of mine as well. Who knows.

    Anyway, I have an appointment with a Yamaha dealer/shop on March 20th for a diagnostics. I am not very mechanically inclined when it comes to working on engines. At least I can get a second opinion from a certified mechanic if its something major.

    The thing is I just got it back in Oct08 from a mechanic who works on skis, supposedly he rebuilt 2 of my cylinders and rejetted the carbs. When I took it out, it is doing the same thing as when I dropped it off.

    I have the manual that I got a while back when I was doing the bolt on mods. Just not good with the tools.

    I'll check the fuel filter and I can probably borrow a friends compression gauge. I just hope I didn't drop 2 cylinders again after spending $1600 to fix it.

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    im with fullboogie here, check the carbs out and make sure they are working right, i had a problem with my 02 ski after it sat for a winter....they seized up and it ran like a pig till they were rebuilt.

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    this might sound stupid, but check the battery for a good connection, just a thought

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    I just replaced the battery and connected it properly.

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll post an update!

    I just hope it didn't blow the engine again right after I had it fixed.

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    update on GP1200R help

    So I took the GP1200R to a Certified Yamaha mechanic, he recommends replacing the whole engine. $3,000-$4,000. Yeah okay, I am not going to do that.

    Anyway, they say the #1 & #2 cylinders have 120psi and the #3 had 40psi. #3 was dry and metal transfer present. The cause was poor engine repair, a lean condition or lack of oil. I guess the mechanic didnít want to just replace the one cylinder.

    What does lean condition mean?

    I donít think it is lack of oil, I had oil in the reservoir.

    What should I do? Replace the #3 cylinder myself?

    What could be the cause of this? If I go through the trouble of replacing the #3, I donít want it to happen again. What would be the cause so I could fix that as well when I tear into the engine.

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