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    Speedster 200

    Hey Guys, Well we ended up getting a good deal on a 2004 S200 (Red - 310hp).

    Sweet boat. It needs some lovin but I am pretty handy and should be able to bring it back to its prime.

    A few questions have come up. When I receieved the boat, I couldnt get any of the electronics to work. The boat would start and run to 50+mph GPS but the switches didnt work. I replaced some fuses and cleaned some terminals. Now the lights work, the bilge pump works, the blower fans work (had to replace). The fuel guage works along with the warning lights.

    The Tach's don't work nor does the speedo. People say to check the signal line for resistance. I checked and I do have resistance on the Multi meter. Does that mean the gauges are shot?

    Also, The Hydrosurge system is cool, but when I went underneath, one of the grates were missing. Whats my best option to get a new one? I wouldnt mind one bit replacing both sides with a fixed grate as the Surge could be more problems than its worth.

    Can leaking at the Hull happen around the Surge Shaft? How is that sealed?

    74 Hours on it.

    I have ordered Hydro Turf, Bimini, 4- 8" Speakers, New Wear rings, New Headunit, Keel Gaurd, Amp ect.

    Can't wait until its done!



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    Congrats svtjoe, I dont know squat about electronics other than I bathe mine regularly in bombardier lube to keep the rusties out.

    As for the weed grates I just left mine off. This would purely depend on how much debris your regularly used body of water has in it though. I looked into a fixed grate on my C180 and it would not work, could be different on the S200 though. You could probably have the movable grate on the current setup welded in place....

    I would imagine any water you are getting in the hull would be related to one or both of your carbon ring seals being shot.Easiest way to tell where leaks are coming from would be to put about a foot of water in the hull with a hose while the boat is on the trailer then just get under and looks for drips.

    Enjoy the boat and its lack of supercharger maintenance. You should see hundreds and hundreds of trouble free hours from those N/A engines.

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