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    15f Sound System

    Has anyone put a sound system in their 12f or 15f? I'm thinking about a 400 watt amp with 2 six inch speakers. The only problem I have is where to mount the speakers??? I can't find any flat surfaces large enough to mount them. Any ideas???

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    I'm working on a similar project, the route I'm taking is making a new panel for the fairings that will stick out in the foot wells and hold the speakers.


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    Here is another idea for you guys. Instead of using a high power amp use a computer speaker amp. I used the mirror housings for speakers. The first time I used a 3 1/2 but the second time I went with 1 in neodium drivers and 3/4 in tweeters. I have 10 speakers in a ultra 150. Its not much for cruising since my ski is so loud but works great on breaks. Here is a link with pics.

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    It will not matter where you mount your amp, eventually it will get wet and fail. Same with the speakers. Even the Marine speakers are not fully waterproof. Sure the six inch speakers are going to be loud, but for how long?

    Look into the full wave audio system. Its FULLY WATERPROOF and has a very minimal amp draw. PM me for pricing if your interested.

    Also the route im planning is to mold a set into the mirror housing. Think about mounting them that way. Should Look and sound Great! Since there is no flat spots to drill into the hull!


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    check it out from PWC today, found in the photo gallery, amp, speakers in mirror and on the side

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    Thats an excelent setup!

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    Sound System on your ski

    I really like some of these ideas, however one setup I have found that works really well is made by a company called Poly Planar. Google it or even go to Crutchfield's web sight and look for the Poly Planar MP3 Kit. It comes with a Waterproof Amp, two 6" speakers, and a really cool MP3 adapter that allows you to hook your MP3 player directly to your Amp. or you can do what I did and buy just the Poly Planar MP3 adapter, a bigger Marine grade amp, two 6" full range speakers (Alpine marine grade of course) and a powered marine grade 10" subwoofer that does not require a box and can be mounted pretty much anywhere. I mounted all this in a 1994 Polaris SLT750 so obviously I had tons of room. Sure did turn heads at the lake last summer thats for sure. it really thumped, and I enjoyed just putting it all together. another idea for you- wire in a cig light somewhere on your ski so you can keep your MP3 player charged as needed. I hope this info helps you.

    Jared in Oklahoma

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