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    THROTTLE RESPONSE? Please help

    I have a 04 honda r12 with like 54 hours on it. Everytime I hit the gas real quick it stutters for a second or two some time not at all and other times longer can anybody help me out I was wondering if it might be the plugs I dont think so they are uridium right now they should be good for a while I think.

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    change the plugs

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    I'll second that.

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    uhhhhhh yup, plugs it is! Advance Auto, $10 and some change a piece.

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    I dont even have iridium plugs on one of my ski's and it runs great. you could test the plugs but if you knew how to do that you would've done it already, Ill let someone that know how to do it do it. you will see in the spark if its time to change them or not.

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