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    Little details = more speed

    I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the little details that can help with speed. These are details that don't cost a lot of money and ones anyone can do!

    I have come up with this list from reading on the forum and talking to some forum members. i know a lot of these have been discussed before but thought a list would be easy for everyone to know about these all in one post.

    If you have any to add to the list you can post it up to share.
    how much do these small things help? hard to tell but i can't see them hurting either and once all the little things are added up im sure some speed will be acheived.

    • Fill ride plate holes and smooth flush with plate
    • clean the silicone around the rideplate, intake grate, and pump shoe.
    • make the intake grate flush with the rideplate
    • make sure motor is aligned correctly
    • re-pitch and get prop tuned for correct rpm's
    • fill the intake grate holes and make flush with grate
    • make sure the silicone on RE blockoffs is smooth and flush
    • check SC for perfect slip
    • get more air flowing through the hull to cool it down
    • XS IC air bleed
    • perfect oil level

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    great info !!!!!!!

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    I have heard that the silicone between opas block offs and hull makes no difference. I have not tried it myself.

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    great info thanks!!

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