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    GP1300R gelcoat question

    Its an 04 GP1300R. If Im not mistaken the GP hulls are made from SMC. I know that gelcoat doesnt adhere to superjets because of this. Is gelcoat compliant with the GP hulls? I have some cosmetic work to do, and wanted to use gelcoat. Areas are on both the top and bottom half of the hull, (in case one is of different material)


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    Yep, it is SMC. Use epoxy primer, and 2 stage urathane auto paint for best results.

    Search painting SMC. Lots of good results.

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    I searched for painting SMC, however the forum's search engine doesn't support 3-letter words. So short story, theres a lot of threads with the word painting in it, and none on the first 7 pages describe any kind of painting on SMC.

    Could you direct me to a search that works or a few threads that describe it? Im heavy into painting gelcoat and have guns and a compressor and whatnot, just need to know what I need (I have body filler), and what I need to know to paint the bottom-side of a GP hull.


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    ive been always told that gelcoat doesnt adhere to smc,
    but a member on here has all his gpr's painted with gelcoat, his had them painted for over 2 years and has not had any issues at all,

    maybe the key is to use a epoxy primer to bond to the smc and the gelcoat will bond to the epoxy primer it is nice if you get a scratch on the gel to be able to wet sand it and buff it out...

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    Well if you need to do body work MarineTex is what everyone uses. I used West system epoxy thickened with milled fiber. Marine Tex is cheaper and probablly a little easier though.

    Once you have it sanded spray two or three coats of epoxy primer. You need epoxy primer because it sticks to SMC. I used Dupont, I can get you the exact model number or whatever tomorrow if you need it.

    Once you prime, block sand it smooth w/ 400 grit paper. Urethane paint is more durable then acrylic enamal so use that. You can get a good single stange so you wont have to clear it but for best results use a 2 stage. Basecoat and then clear. Do 3 coats of each and it should be bullet proof. You can get the data sheets for mixing from your paint dealer.

    Recoat time is usually about 15 min but it can vary w/ temp. Let the clear cure over night and wetsand with 600 or 1000 grit to remove any orange peel or imperfections. Buff to shine.

    Make sure you are well ventalated and wear a resperator!!! Urethane paint fumes are toxic. The pros use fresh air systems so they don't die. You will fine for the occasional paint job Just wear a good resperator.
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