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    Rebuild PWC Engine??

    Call me foolish, ignorant, or whatever you want; but I am interested in rebuilding a PWC engine with little/no experience. I'm just bored and need a new hobby, and don't know where to begin. Are there any resources available for do-it-yourself rookies? I don't need a high performance machine or anything, just something to keep me busy that I can learn from. I don't have a ski yet and I don't know what kind I want yet. I am just looking for somewhere to start. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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    It sounds like you are looking for a PWC with a blown engine...
    Maybe check over in the classified section of the forum with the search tool, someone can probably hook you up. There is also a D.I.Y. section on this forum which can give you some insights into different repairs, and there are plenty of wrenchers on here who can answer specific questions. Welcome aboard...

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Do you want to ride your PWC after you get it running, or fix it and then sell it?

    If you are going to keep it and ride, then the places where you would ride, and whether you will be carrying passengers, are important factors.

    There are big differences between the 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine types. Almost all the PWC engines before about 2002 were two stroke. These are easier to repair, and parts are generally less expensive.

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    Yeah, I'm definately looking for PWC w/ a blown engine, but most of what I am finding is only a hull. I don't think I am savy enough, nor do I have the time and patience to build it from a hull. I do plan on using it for my personal use when I am done, I don't plan on selling it. Since I am not too experienced with this type of thing I am wanting a 2 stroke, and then maybe upgrading from there.

    I do see alot of hulls for sale, is there some type package that I can buy that includes everything I would need if I did do something like that? I am just wanting a fun project and I think a hull would be a little over the top and too costly for what I'm trying to do.

    Any pointers? Resources? Ideas?

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    Hey Dj Welcome to the Hulk!!!

    Where are you located??

    There are lots of 2-stroke deals out there??
    What type of riding do you do? Lakes? Rivers? ocean?

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    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and will only be riding in local lakes. Most of the time it will only be riding it on weekends and holidays. I don't need anything great for my first go round, just something to do on my spare time.

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    My first thought is an old school GT (3 seater) Sea-Doo with a 587 engine. These things can be found really cheap.. parts are all over the place and the hull is large and east to work in when you get the engine in there. They aren't the fastest things ever made, but for a first ski.. they are fun.

    1991-96 GT/GTS/GTX

    This site may help you when you see one:

    Good luck!

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    , kinda. While i think that you would enjoy this ski, i also get the feeling that you may want to start with say a GSX or something along those lines if you can find one in your price range. They're two seaters but not as unstable as an old xp or Spx. And also when looking to buy one i would highly recommend buying form someone on this cite. I resently bought a ski from DSolie and have received a TON!!! of help from him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djb0127 View Post
    ...I do see a lot of hulls for sale, is there some type package that I can buy that includes everything I would need if I did do something like that?...
    My guess is that what you are finding are the hulls that are left over after people have 'parted out' the PWC. There is often more money to be made selling the used parts separately, than in selling the entire PWC as a unit. This seems to be especially true if the engine has failed.

    The converse is that buying an empty hull, and then finding and buying all the pieces to make it whole again, can cost a lot more that buying an entire PWC to begin with.

    So what you need to hunt for are PWC that have not yet been parted out. Find a seller who is not mechanically inclined, and you may be able to strike a good price.

    Sometimes you get lucky, and the 'problems' the machine has are less catastrophic that the seller thought they were. There are stories of cheaply purchased machines that just needed a new battery, or other easily fixable issues, to get them running.

    Attached is a guide on things to look for when evaluating a 2-stroke PWC prior to purchase. It is oriented towards a running machine, but a lot still applies to a non-running machine. I found this document online a while ago, and have added some minor edits.

    Before you start bargaining with sellers, figure out what PWC brand and models/years would really be a good match for you, and focus on those. Read up on the common issues and fixes for those models. Learn the strong and weak points for each model. A great price on a PWC that doesn't match your needs isn't much of a deal.

    If you can connect with other owners who have the models of interest, they can be a wealth of information. See if any GH members live near you. Even if they don't ride the same machine, they may know someone who does.

    For SeaDoo and Polaris, you can find some model history info here.

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