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    Considering Honda PWC

    I have a Polaris 3 up PWC and I'm considering a 3up Honda or 3up Yamaha, any tips and advice ? My son will use if for wakeboarding and skiing.

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    which ever craft you choose, I would opt for a 4-stroke. Better fuel economy as well.

    both the Honda and Yamaha motors are very reliable. You may want to find a dealer that will allow you to water test them to help decide. Look at the ergonomics also to help decide on your height to see if you are comfortable if you decide to take a long ride.

    Just speaking on the Yamaha's I've ridden, they are very coomfortable. Also, don't be afraid to look at the SeaDoo's. they are extremely comfortable when it comes to ergonomics as well.

    Back on the Honda's, I've known people to put several hundred hours on Honda's.

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