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Thread: Carb tuning

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    Carb tuning

    My GTX idles fine and runs great @ WOT but in the transition, when I try a quick takeoff, she bogs down. A quick blip of the choke and she will pick up and accelerate smoothly.Feels like flooding Low or high speed adjuster?
    Are these easily adjustable in place?
    I've been a Yamaha owner and since this is my 1st Seadoo, am finding it difficult to identify them under the exhaust.

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    how old is the ski?
    what engine, 800 or 951 i assume 951, as you say exhuast is in the way...
    when was the last time carbs were rebuilt??
    probably a safe bet to pull them and rebuild them.
    note all the screw positions before you start, then rebuild and reset to those positions
    sounds to me like a lean condition, needle sticky or clogged circuit.

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    Accelerator pump orifices clogged.

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    Carb tuning

    2000 GTX 951.
    Looks like the carbs will have to come off and be serviced.Not easy in the Bahamas. All Yamaha here. Thanks guys.

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    The carbs are the same on Yamahas and Seadoos. While your aat it the 2000GTX has grey fuel lines \. They break down and clog up the fuel system and should be replaced and the system cleaned out

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    There are also aftermarket accelerator pump diaphrams available,You need to clean carbs,(small filter ) it will be full of goo from your fuel can also open your low speed manual jets up another turn,(they will increase low speed flow up to a max. of 3 turns out from bottom.)here is a website that sells carb kits and accel. pump diaphrams,seadoo only sells complete pump.>marvin here is link

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    carb tuning

    Thanks for the advice and the links. the hoses are history as from this weekend.It also looked as if the actuator lever on the pump could do with an adjusment for quicker response.

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    Make sure you disassemble the accelerator pump, and spray carb cleaner through the orifices to clean out the varnish. The holes are very small. If you watch closely when doing it, you will actually see the stream getting stronger. This is where the throttle response comes from, not adjusting the screw more.

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    check your needle and seats for anything abnormal ie debris or a deep ring in the rubber of the needle, the choke bit brings me to thinking it requires a little more vacumm to pop off the the needle

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