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    Help me decide: F15X, F12X or R12?

    Looking to get a new jetski, and have narrowed it down to the following choices I've found locally:
    F15X $10,999
    F12X $6,999
    R12 $5,699
    I'm looking for something to just have fun with on the lake, lot's of wake jumping, spins, turns, etc. Usually just 1 adult with occasional additional child (or maybe second adult). Don't mind getting spray (actually prefer it over a dry ride), and would prefer something that's a more "lively" and nimble ride. From what the guy at our local dealership is saying the F12X would be more what I'm looking for, but I've also read a lot of posts here and on pwctoday that the R12 is a great ride. Thoughts??

    Also, what do you guys do for fuel? I'm planning on putting it on a jetski slip at the marina, but they only have 89 octane fuel. Carry down a couple of 5 gallon jugs each trip, or use a bottle of octane booster?

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    15x is supposed to be way knarly... I've got an 05 R-12x, single up when it's calm I love it, sips gas and carves some turns stock... throw two up and if the driver is competent he can manage (footwells fill with water, easier to tip). Any of the above craft would suit your needs, I wouldn't go with the non-turbo R12 though....

    Everyone I've let operate it or ride on the back is quite surprized, I wish I could throw them on the back of an RXT-X as I'm getting it!

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