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    New member with some questions

    Hey guys, I have done a fair share of reading and I am trying to build my knowlege so bear with me. I have a totally stock 04 RXP. I am looking to change that. I am sitting with about 75 hours on it and I know I need to change the washers before this season starts. I am sure I could do it myself but I am currently deployed until May. I want to have my ski about ready when I come home. My dealership quoted me 335 for the 100 hour service and 200 to do the washers.

    I have read to post about modding and the usual order people follow. Right now I have just been thinking about buying some used aftermarket parts because I don't want to dump a boat load into this right now. I was wondering if instead of paying them 200 to modify my stock charger, if it would be an idea worth considering of just buying a upgraded used charger from someone and putting the 200 into that. I would then start looking into other smaller mods at first. Is this a good idea or not. What should I look for?

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    Yes, a good quality used charger from a reputable member can be found at a very large discount these days. Just make sure the fueling requirements are updated to match your future modifications and boost levels. This post might be the single most informative post on this site for 4-tec owners: .. If the dealership is trying to charge you $200 for labor alone, then pull the charger yourself (there's a how-to in the FAQ section) and send the charger to Jerry (SC Rebuild Service link on the lefthand column of this page). Last I checked the labor was $50 and the turnaround time is amazing. I, and many others, will suggest purchasing the Riva metal washers: My favorite "beginner" combination of modifications that falls in line with a great "bang for the buck" plan is a green wheel supercharger impeller, an XS intercooler kit, 42# fuel injectors, a custom 4" front air intake, and a 15/20r Solas 4 blade impeller. A search on these items or a browse through the online store will come up with information on all of these items. Good luck with everything and let us know if you have any other questions after reading up!

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