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    D-Plate clarification Question

    I have a 2005 xlt1200 this is my 2nd summer with it It has about 73 hours on it. It is bone stock. I don't plan on doing any mods. I just happy to have this toy.

    I think I want to remove the cat and add a dplate. I read that 2005+ models don't need the sensor chip, is this true?

    Is it a major pain to remove the cat?

    I was also thinking of going premix, I really prefer to stay w/ oil injection. My main concern is durabilty of my ski. My toy funds are limited as of now since i'm using my extra funds on my 89 vette. How hard is it to remove the oil pump?

    any input or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    you have to take out the stinger pipe to put in the D-plate, not too hard to do, and you will need to use the Chip to keep the sensor from going off.

    when you take off the stinger you should be able to get to all the oil injection stuff to remove it and put a block off plate on. putting the block off plate on might be kind of hard to reach with the U pipe in, but I think it can be done.

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