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    Smile Idexing crankshaft

    If a crankshaft is in good condition except for being a few degrees out or perhaps it has slipped a crank halve just enough to cause slight binding,is it possible to get crankshaft indexed and welded without replacing all the parts?and who does such work,I know it takes someone knowledgeable in two stroke crankshafts and the correct jig and largepress(except in the older kawasaki twins where they used a big beater (12lb) to put in position,(anyone who has rebuilt a 93-98 750 twin knows the big dings I am talking about.Thanks in advance for your guys help>Marvin(I used to use wisconsin rec. crankshaft,but havent been able to reach tom at the old numbers I have.

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    Jeff at MidWest Crankworks 920-434-3630 for crankshaft rebuild

    This is who I used for my crank. I believe you will need the section that is out of index rebuilt. Jeff will only rebuild what you need if that is the route you want to take

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    Shouldn't be a problem. I fixed a Seadoo 587 crank that slipped out of index. I basically was able to hammer it straight with a brass hammer. I game it a couple of good blows, then put it in v block and measured the run out. 1 hour of doing this and the crank was back within .003 total runout.

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    I believe you figured out the problem, but for anybody else looking...If it's out ot index by a little bit it shouldn't (won't) bind. It'd have to be way off to cause this. It's pretty hard to tell if one is off without a dial indicator. Usually if they just don't seem to run quite right and ya can't figure out why, trying everything else...check the index.

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