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    Best place to buy used RXP engine

    Well, took the ski to the dealer after it shut off on me while riding, 23 hours on the ski, and they told me a valve dropped into the no. 1 cylinder and destroyed the motor. The ski is an 04 RXP bone stock, so its not under warrentee. He told me its a known problem on the 04's. Is there anything seadoo can do about it?? Had the 10 hour service on it and rode it twice and this happens??? im pissed!!!! Dealer said its close to $6,000 for a new engine from seadoo, and about $2,500 for a rebuilt one. Is that my only option at this point? or does anybody know where i can pick up a good condition motor from?? Was not expecting this to happen on a 23 hour seadoo.

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    $2500 for a rebuit engine is not bad and is gonna be your best bet. It sucks that happened but it is a known problem on the 04s and only having 23 hrs on it may have something to do with it. When they sit for long periods of time without being properly fogged the valves tend to rust and break at the stem. The engine is not hard to change if you have any mechanical skills oor have a friend who does.

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    Only 23 hours in five years? That's amazing...
    Just go with the rebuilt motor and sell it, then go get something with a warranty and get back on the water.

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    Here :


    $ 2300
    This is a Standard remanufactured Sea-Doo 4TEC Supercharged engine. It includes the cases, Crankshaft, head assembly, all new internal parts & a woodruff key and a 1-year no-fault warranty. See below for all associated parts.


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    Heck yea, go for it! I sucked water last summer from a faulty IC, hydrolocked and destroyed my engine. SBT was out and I didnt want to wait so ended up getting a long block from Sea Doo and changing everything over myself and without my labor it was waaaaaaaaaay more. But then I was ack out in the water in 2 weeks. Things we do when we have a certain time to ride and something breaks in the best part of it
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    the weather is getting beautiful here in Florida, was soo looking forward to riding this weekend! I just got done putting close to 10k into my car, so the ski is going to have to wait for a little prob will end up getting the re-man engine! thanks guys

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