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    Can't think what to title this, another School story featuring PWC racing please read

    Well, I sent this to another forum member.. wonder who I was talking to . I decided to ask him.. and this is what I wrote him. I was also given a opinion to write this/post this to the open forum and not to delete anything.. so here is my original PM I sent to a fellow forum member. The video is under the story:

    Hey Jammer!

    I just wanted to say from that message I sent you earlier. In biology class, our teacher is gave us an assignment that basically is letting us do like a show and tell type thing that has effected our life. Music, a video, some type of object anything. I was looking around on videos from PWC racing, and watched a video titled "The old days to now". In the side bar of youtube there was a video that said "Jammer trilogy video". I looked at it for a minute, and then clicked on it.

    I began to watch the video in complete aw. The amount of skill the man had is simply amazing. I just about instantly realized that this is the video I wanted to bring to class and talk about. The video completely changed my life and I do not lie when I say this. It was so inspiring, and I just could not say a single word.

    Every word that was said, just kept accumulating, and made me just seriously stare at the computer in complete aw.

    I began to question who the man Jeff Jacobs really was/is and just more about him in general. I know you from the forum as Jammer 1, and I know I have asked your name previously and never received a response. Packages have been titled in Jammer 1 as well which I totally respect your decision. I watched the video one more time, and then realized that the number that Jeff raced for some time was #1 on the ski.

    I just would like to say whether this is really you or not. What your past is or what it is now, you are and have been a complete influence in my life. Every time I wake up and look at that Hahn trophy I remind myself to continue to do well in everything I do. Whether it be school or sports. I read the things you write to me, and take each word into account. Whatever people have said good or bad about you on the forum I know you have a good heart, and it really shows and I truly appreciate it!

    I just wanted to say this to you, and make sure you know I really enjoy talking to you, and you are a man of wisdom in my book. I truly look up to you.

    Thank you very much for your time, and I appreciate you reading this!

    Kale Joyce

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    Great video, very inspirational! Is this our Jammer 1?

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    dont think its the same guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VOODOO View Post
    Great video, very inspirational! Is this our Jammer 1?
    No this is not OUR Jammer 1 Our jammer 1 is an imposter just a WANNABE

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    Quote Originally Posted by rab1 View Post
    No this is not OUR Jammer 1 Our jammer 1 is an imposter just a WANNABE
    Hahaha, nice.

    But come on.... Tell us how you really feel.

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