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    1993 Polaris SL 750 Questions

    Hey all! I am thinking about buying a 1993 Polaris SL 750 but I dont want pay too much or get something I won't enjoy. Here is the link for the ski:

    So questions are: Is it a good buy from the looks of it? Is it a good ski? About how fast should this ski run in good condition? Reliable? Easy to work on? Cheap or expensive parts?

    Any information would be nice. Thanks!

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    ad says "it needs some engine work"

    i am guessing, it has a dead cyl. the fuji's are known for running lean, and burining a hole in the piston. also the cranks can get "out of phase".

    hard to tell from the pics, but otherwise, it looks nice. looks like a nice trailer. if the jet pump is in good shape, and all the electrics are good, it may be worth fixing.

    IMO it is priced a little high, but every area is different. go and look at it, and offer the guy 400.00 cash. ( trailer is almost worth that much).

    if you have the ability to fix it your self, it may be worth looking into. parts are pretty easy to find. i have many here in stock, including a good short block, you could drop in, and go.

    they are a fun, good handling ski, if you do get it going.

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    The 1992 and 1993 Polaris PWC (the first two years of PWC production for Polaris) used a different jet pump (146mm non-modular) than all later years (148mm modular). And the Fuji engine cooling system is a little different. Neither of these is a show stopper, but something to keep in mind.

    In 1994 Polaris used the 750cc Fuji engine (blue painted) with the 148mm jet pump. The 148mm modular jet pump can be retro-installed into the older hull, and provides a more efficient thrust, stronger launch, and a little more top speed.

    The basic SL hull, without side sponsons or an extended ride plate, is a playful hull. Easy to spin around and have fun on. But it is not going to be a speed daemon, and in waves and rough water it will dance around.

    The 2 seater SL hull is also limited in realistic weight capacity. Happiest with only one person on, and that person should not be really heavy.

    I have had two people on my friend's 1992 SL650. It is tippy getting the second person on, especially when re-boarding in deep water, and it can be a challenge staying upright at slow speeds with two people aboard.

    A little engine work could mean almost anything, including needing a complete rebuild if the crank bearings are at all rusty.

    If it can be cranked over with a new/fresh battery (take one with you), you can check compression. With all spark plugs out, and the throttle pinned wide open, you should see compression numbers around 120PSI, give or take. The important thing is that all three cylinders have readings within 10% of each other.

    In terms of a deal, it depends on how much of a basket case the engine really is, and how much the trailer alone is worth.

    Since most newer PWC are nearly 1,000lbs heavy and over 10 feet long, many of the older PWC trailers are not big enough, or rated for the weight. So the older light weight PWC trailers aren't worth quite as much as they used to. PWC trailers started getting longer, with higher weight ratings, around year 2000 or so.

    If you can talk this 1996 SL780 seller down in price, it may be a better deal for you. It has the bigger 780 engine, the newer jet pump type, and it runs.

    And this pair of SL look new enough that they may have the Polaris domestic engine (red painted). I suspect the 1994 model year in the listing may be wrong. The last two digits in the HIN number plate on the rear deck are the model year. If the machines are in running condition with good compression, and are newer than 1995, you may be able to bargain yourself a deal, especially if the seller is thinking they are an older model year than they really are.

    If you find an 'X' model, like SLX, or SLTX, that means it was the high performance model at the time. SLT means three seater. SL means 2 seater.

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    Just to compare prices, I bought the 97 purple 780 with a triton alum. single trailer for $800. It wasn't running when I bought it, but only needed an ignition controller (cdi). It had about 90 hrs, and was mint.
    The 95 650 was a runner with the double trailer you see in the pic for $600. Still had 120 psi on the cylinders.

    IMO you can find a better deal.
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    Can someone tell me what the Weight limit is on the 93 SL? I have a 94 SLT and it's 600 pounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by policano View Post
    Can someone tell me what the Weight limit is on the 93 SL? I have a 94 SLT and it's 600 pounds.
    93 SL 2 persons 400 pounds. 94 SLT 3 persons 500 pounds.

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